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Vimmelskaftet 41F, 3rd-4th floor

1161 København K

Vimmelskaftet 41F, 3rd-4th floor

1161 København K

Why work with us?

“Throughout the years, Afima has been one of our most reliable and compliant partners.
Their extensive experience within digital marketing, combined with their tireless efforts
to optimize on every single parameter
, is being reflected month after month
in the shape of a very high level of performance."

Lars Williams Head of Publishing - SmartResponse

“Afima has proven to be an invaluable addition to our program.
Their expertise in digital marketing has yielded impressive results for our businesses.
It's been a pleasure working with Afima, and we're looking forward to
continued collaboration and mutual success."

Benjamin Engebretsen Kumnoed Nordics Affiliate Manager - Axo Group

“From the initiation of our collaboration, Afima has consistently proven a very good partner delivering traffic to our campaigns spanning finance, nutra, and various other verticals. Their profound expertise in marketing and proactive approach has significantly contributed to the success of our joint endeavors. We look forward to cooperating with Afima in the ongoing future."

Simen A. Lorntzsen Partner & Founder - Orion Media