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We have established an extensive portfolio ranging from generation of quality traffic and SEO to comparison sites

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We have established an extensive portfolio ranging from generation of quality traffic and SEO to comparison sites

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We introduced ourselves to the e-mail marketing world and quickly excelled.Through this, we found another world of personal loans and saw a new opportunity.Humbly, we though that we could do better than most of the competition in this field.SimplyLoan was launched and within one year, we’re now also live in Norway and Finland.Our journey is just getting started, but this is one ride you’re going to want to jump on board as early as possible.


To be the catalyst for positive financial transformation. We envision a future where individuals confidently navigate their financial landscape. By fostering trust, delivering tailored solutions, and embracing innovation, we aspire to be the go-to platform for those seeking financial empowerment.



To empower individuals on their financial journey. We strive to simplify complex choices, providing personalized solutions that cater to unique needs. Through transparent practices, trusted partnerships, and a commitment to financial education, we aim to make financial well-being accessible to everyone.

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Empowering Mission: Be part of a team dedicated to simplifying financial choices and making financial well-being accessible to everyone.

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Professional Growth: Explore opportunities for continuous learning and development, fostering your professional growth.

Community Impact: Join a community-driven organisation that believes in giving back and making a positive impact on individuals' lives.

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